Web Design

Our web design provides fresh and responsive websites for all platforms, with our focus on mobile devices.  Counselor Computers goal is to showcase your business on the web and provide SEO through a number one company (Yoast) so that your business can be found by potential customers.  First and foremost we want to work with you and hear what you want to say, display and provide an up-to-date web design to the local city or to the world.  With that in mind, we can provide a visual platform to display your product to your current and future clients. Above all, we want to provide a web design that is affordable to you the business owner.

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Web Design

Is Your Website Responsive?

Need a new online look, is your website mobile compatible?

At Counselor Computers we will provide you with a website of your dreams. Your website should be found if your on your mobile device or desktop computer. Because of that, we can then work with you to get the most accurate information about what it is you do and provide your potential customers with the information they are looking for.  Your website will be responsive in design and mobile friendly both in view and in searches. Your “Brand” is always in our mind and because of that, we can design your site using a theme with your colors, fonts and pictures that are pleasing and optimized for quick downloads for great web ranking and customer response.

Hosting – All this is included!

What included in our annual hosting fee?

  • One Domain Name – Up to a twenty dollars ($20) value.
  • SSL (https) Certificate – A thirty ($30) dollar value. 
  • Firewall 
  • Regular Backups 
  • Backend Updates – WordPress and WordPress plugins. 
  • WordPress Backend Access – Absolutely!
Web Design - Internet Layout
Web Design

Some Of Our Services

  • Responsive web design (Phone, Tablet, Google & Others Search Engine Friendly)

  • Hosting (Price Includes Backups, Firewall, Plugin & System Updates)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Domain names

  • Email addresses (your-name@your-domain-name.com)

  • Alternate email address forwarding to addresses of your choice

  • Blogs

  • Back-End Maintenance (Backups, Firewalls, Plugin & System Updates)

  • Front-End Maintenance (Displayed Images, Data Etc.)